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Know How

Evolution and formation

Modern facilities and a great flexibility of the company's working cycles allow Vanplast to answer to each and every request from the client, optimizing the customization of the product.

The constant updating does not pertain only equipments: particular care is devoted to the training of the staff that benefits from cyclical periods of renovation. Attention to Environmental Protection and Personnel Care is guaranteed by the use of the most advanced depuration plants, the removal of harmful emissions and a photovoltaic system for the Electric Power Production.

From head to toe: our philosophy

The Vanplast approach is to continue placing on the market of new products with high technological content and appeal. On the basis of new ideas and special demands, they make the models that start at a simple design; the idea is then reconstructed by CAD systems and the prototype is then made of resin or with 3D printers, ready to be tested and put into production quickly.


Vanplast is able to create products with special and different finishes, such as injected heels leather and painted and the tampografate finishes. Innovative enterprise technologies also allow to enrich heels and wedges with graphics and special designs.

Innovation of Bi-color

Modern equipment along with a flexible processing cycle allow Vanplast to respond to every requests from customers, maximizing the customization of the product. Thanks to this "know-how", Vanplast is also able to produce tops made in bi-color and bi-material that enhance both comfort and customization of footwear. Constant updating is not just about machineries: focus is also given on training the staff who goes through cyclical periods of professional upgrades. Environmental protection and security of personnel are guaranteed by the use of the most advanced purification plants, nullification of harmful emissions and a photovoltaic system that makes Vanplast a green company, with a "zero-mile" electricity production.