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Vanplast is 80 years old: learn our history!

NEWS-01Our company proudly boasts a 80 years long business history: eight decades of efforts towards the exaltation of women’s beauty with our heels. “Tacchificio Meridionale” (name of origin) was born in 1937 from an idea of Alfredo Vania senior, who decided to start his own company by collecting wood wastes from the family business, a wooden barrel maker company. This was the start of the production of the very first wooden heels along with bottoms for clogs which people used to wrap and wear them to go to the sea. Business protracted during the decades of  the twentieth century, adapting to the needs of fashion and market. The first generational change takes place towards mid-1950s  with the entrance of Giacomo, Alfredo Vania senior’s son, who, in the late 1960s and the late 1970s, brought the first wind of technological innovation by adding the plastic department (by purchasing the first injection molding presses for plastics) to the already existing wood department. Subsequently, in 1969, the activity continued with a change of business’s name from “Tacchificio Meridionale di Alfredo Vania” to “Vanplast di Giacomo Vania”. In 1989 it will become a Ltd.

Over the past twenty years, thanks to Alfredo jr, productive processes and installations had a large number of innovations: for this very reason Vanplast, even though it is one of the oldest companies making components for women’s footwear, can be considered one of the most avant-garde. For over 80 years, thanks to its know how and its entrepreneurial passion, Vanplast goes hand-in-hand with the footwear industry by producing components for women’s footwear favorite by women, in full respect of environment and ensuring the Made in Italy quality.

Happy anniversary Vanplast!